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Increasing your physical activity has many benefits. It will improve the functionality of your heart and lungs, help to reduce blood pressure, contribute to reducing cholesterol, body fat and stress levels.
Some people will argue that running is bad for their joints and bones. However, the process of jogging/running causes the body to increase bone density in the legs, which will help to fend off osteoporosis ( brittle bones ) in later life. There is no evidence to suggest that people who run frequently are at more risk of osteoarthritis in the knee. Regular activity helps to maintain  muscle strength and joint mobility in later life.
Also you may experience  improvements in your muscle tone and mental well being, leading to an improvement in your self esteem.

If you think that recreational running is for you, before you start you should :-
  • Check with your medical professional that you are fit to partake in this type of activity.
  • Obtain professional guidance on any existing  or family history health issues.
  • Buy some good running shoes from a specialist shop where your feet can be properly measured, your gait analysed and you have a choice of make and price.
  • Start a walk/run programme to enable your body to adapt to the increased activity. The NHS "Couch to 5K " is an excellent start. Also check out the NHS after run stretches    and knee  exercises for runners
If you'd like to join us from what you have read so far, you should send an email to
stating your name and that you are a beginner. We will then advise you which session is most appropriate for you.
Don't worry if you think you are not good enough to join us, we are very pleased to help beginners and novices to improve.

There is no formal membership fee or costs.  Occasionally we do ask for small contributions towards administration cost e.g. web site registration. Prior to your first run with us, we ask that you  read the Brough Runners disclaimer, and bring a signed copy with you . The disclaimer is available in  PDF   format.

It is important that you start your runs slowly as starting off too quickly will make you feel tired prematurely.

Brough Runners 8th October   2018