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Important Covid 19 information

In addition to the normal safety requirements, the following should be followed during the Covid 19 crisis.

It is important that we have up to date contact details for anyone attending one of our meetings, in case tracing is required. If you have previously completed the data gather / disclaimer, confirmation will be required. Please supply a note or email containing :-

Your name

Your address

Your contact phone number

The name of the person you want contacting in case of an emergency and their phone number.

You must not attend a running session if any of the following apply:-

You have Covid 19 symptoms

A member of your household has Covid 19 or is showing symptoms

You think you may have been in contact with a person with Covid 19

Currently in East Yorkshire the daily confirmed new cases of Covid 19 per 100,000 is very low, in the last few days it has been 0 -1 . This information is available from

If the daily confirmed new cases shows an increasing trend, then we must consider suspending the meetings.

During the pre-run assembly , the run and post run recovery it is important that we are seen to be observing social distancing instructions, please ensure that you stay apart from colleague runners and be very aware of and considerate to other members of the public.

If you wish to join us you will have to abide by the above.

General risks and hazards that may be encountered are documented here, however we live in a dynamic environment, consequently you  need to be alert to hazards at all times.

Please take time to read and understand them and if you have any questions please ask a run leader.

It is also advisable to check for updates and amendments to this page frequently.

All attending the club runs will be expected to wear suitable footwear and clothing.

For their own safety individuals should endeavour to be visible to other road users by wearing some form of Hi-Viz device, whether an armband with LEDs or a Hi-Viz tabard or bright T-shirt.

Crossing roads; you should always endeavour to use:-

  • pedestrian crossings
  • traffic light controlled crossings  
  • places where there is a central reservation
  • avoid blind corners

Where possible always use the pavement and face the oncoming traffic.

Be aware of surface conditions, pavement edges, potholes, tree roots.

Watch out for overhanging branches from hedges, bushes and trees.

Be alert to obstructions on or along footpaths, these could be lampposts, railings, cones, signs, phone poles, bus shelters. They don't move out of your way and they hurt YOU if you collide with them.

Always take care in the vicinity of small children and dogs ( on or off a lead ) as they can be unpredictable, become a trip hazard,  or even bite if startled.

Brough Runners 28th July  2020